Lived space, from 10,000 meters above the ground

On a flight to Dubai in February, when I looked at the flight path on my seat screen, I had a sickening feeling that something terrible would happen before my return flight. Sadly, my hunch was correct. Moreover, the war was worse than what I had expected, and that was only the beginning. It was even more eerily to notice that the shortest direct line between Toronto and Dubai would

Postsocialism without Shores

The May 9 Victory Day parades in the former Soviet republics are strong reminders that many aspects of WWII have been overlooked in Western historiography. In Kazakhstan alone, for example, nearly 2 millions of Kazakhs participated in the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union, defending Moscow and resisting Nazi Germany and its allies. And over 600,000 Kazakhs lost their lives in the process. Yet, those spontaneously organized parades taking

The Gods of Biotech

In Taiwan, the flourishing of community temples and gods since the 1980s has been inseparable from the island’s rapid economic growth and political transformation. Today, such diverse religious cultures continue to play a crucial role for Taiwanese to negotiate their ever-evolving landscapes of cultural anxieties, geopolitical tension, and economic precarity. Seen here is a temporary altar with mechanicalized gods in an annual temple fair next to a new biotech park